Facial treatment

Facial treatment Ultrasonic skin cleaning

Facial treatment Ultrasonic skin cleaning (25 minutes)

Ultrasonic skin cleansing is the most modern method of treatment and is very effective, painless and gentle. The ultrasonic spatula uses high-frequency vibrations (25,000 pulses per second) to loosen clogged pores and remove impurities, including black and white dots. The treatment removes dead cells, micromassages the face and completely brightens the skin. By gently electrostimulating skin cells and heating them, we activate weakened facial muscles.
Procedure price:
28,91 €
Facial treatment Cosmetic skin treatment - Hydro Active

Facial treatment Cosmetic skin treatment - Hydro Active (50 minutes)

Hydration is as important to the skin as cleansing and regeneration. Lack of water in the skin is one of the factors of premature skin aging. Hydration plays a crucial role in the resilience and appearance of the skin.
Moisturizing skin treatment is a special cosmetic treatment that gives tired skin hydration, vitality and restores its younger appearance.
We work with professional Phyris cosmetics - they fill up the skin, provide moisture and provide first aid for fine wrinkles that have arisen due to dehydration. All of these products have the same goal - instant and long-term skin hydration. Four types of hyaluronic acid complement your skin's water supply.
The treatment includes skin diagnostics, skin cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, toning, SOMI crystal massage, applying the moisturizing capsule with wrinkle-filling effect, face mask, professional massage according to the client's needs, eye care, and application of the final cream.
Indications: Dry and dehydrated skin, deep wrinkles, skin after chemical peeling.
Procedure price:
45,46 €
Facial treatment FoREST Cosmetic Treatment

Facial treatment FoREST Cosmetic Treatment (80 minutes)

FoREST by PHYRIS is like a walk in the forest for your skin. The modern and safe line protects the skin against the effects of the stressful city lifestyle. It oxygenates the skin and improves the colour tone. Its main active ingredients, including the extract from fresh moss and the Chaga mushroom, embody the matchless powers of the forest. The fresh moss extract boosts the skin's natural mechanism protecting against stress caused by urban and digital effects (mobile devices, tablets, computers). The Chaga mushroom extract improves the skin's colour tone and thereby renews its natural radiance. The treatment includes skin cleansing, peeling, deep ultrasound cleansing, toning, eyebrow trimming, SOMI crystal massage, serum, facial mask, facial massage, eye care, and application of final cream. The treatment is suitable for skin with enlarged skin pores, as well as tired, dry, and oily skin.
Procedure price:
70,28 €
Facial treatment Galvanic iron

Facial treatment Galvanic iron (25 minutes)

Galvanic iron treatment is an effective way to rejuvenate the skin without undergoing surgery. The galvanic iron analyses the skin itself and then adjusts the intensity of the galvanic current accordingly. The treatment smoothers wrinkles, strengthens the contours of the face. Reduces the chin, removes dark circles under the eyes, deeply cleanses and regenerates the skin and cleans clogged pores. Activates lymph and cells, thanks to which the skin heals quickly after acne, for example. The result of the treatment is visible after the first treatment, but we recommend completing two to three applications.
Procedure price:
28,91 €
Facial treatment Facial massage

Facial treatment Facial massage (25 minutes)

Facial massage supports blood flow, removes residual external pollution and a layer of dead skin cells and contributes to healthy and relaxed appearance of the skin. In addition, the massage eliminates accumulated stress, headaches and softens or completely removes dark circles under the eyes. Last but not least it counteracts excessive sunlight and skin dehydration, which results in softening of uneven pigmentation. Facial massage includes surface cleansing of the skin, the massage of the face, neck and cleavage itself and the application of the final cream.
Procedure price:
28,91 €

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