Relaxing massages

Relaxing massage Anti-stress massage

Relaxing massage Anti-stress massage (50 minutes)

Anti-stress massage focuses on reducing the accumulated stress and its prevention. First part we focus on the fingers of he upper limbs, forearms, arms, neck, face and scalp. The second part of the massage includes a reflex massage of the soles of the feet. The beneficial effects are achieved by slow rubbing and gentle kneading of the massaged area while listening relaxing music. For this massage we use oils in combination with aroma essential oils. The hair part of the head is massaged without the use of massage products.
Procedure price:
53,73 €
Relaxing massage Relaxing head massage

Relaxing massage Relaxing head massage (20 minutes)

Relaxing massage of the head, neck and face perfectly relaxes the body and mind. It activates energy points, acts against stress, headaches and migraines. In addition, it positively affects our senses such as hearing, sight and taste. Trough the stimulation of relax points, it also benefits other organs in the body. Increases sleep quality and wakefulness during the day. Last but not least, it promotes microcirculation which results in a reduction in swelling in the face, improves blood circulation to the scalp and reduction in wrinkles. We recommend a relaxing head massage to clients with a high stress load.
Procedure price:
29,91 €
Relaxing massage Relaxing oil massagem

Relaxing massage Relaxing oil massagem (50 minutes)

This a massage using special massage regenerating oils, which will help you to completely relax your body and remove pain from your muscles. The massage refreshes the skin, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and helps maintain physical and mental condition. Oil massage plays an important role in convalescence, because it is characterised by the ability to initiate the restoration of strength and thus speed up overall healing process. We adapt the composition of touch, rhythm and intensity of the massage to each client individually
Procedure price:
53,73 €

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