Special massages

Special massage Lymphatic manual massage

Special massage Lymphatic manual massage (50 minutes)

Lymphatic manual massage is an ideal massage if you want to stimulate your lymphatic System and start a complete cleansing of your body. It is a therapeutic treatment that detoxifies the body, strengthens the system and also has positive effect against cellulite. Because it is gentle technique, that can get rid of the body swelling and also solve health issues that a classic massage could rather harm. To improve the flow of sap, this massage also helps to remove impurities from the blood. The massage is suitable as a great spring or autumn cleansing of the body.
Procedure price:
62,01 €
Special massage Anti-cellulite massage

Special massage Anti-cellulite massage (50 minutes)

Anti-cellulite massage consists in deep massaging of problematic parts of the body, which are most often the thighs and buttocks. The active ingredients here is ozone containing oil, which has a regenerating andrelaxing efect. The massagehelps to break down cellulite, brings relief to the lower limbs and in combination with other procedures is used to shape the body. Thanks to special touches, the subcutaneous fat structure is stimulated during the massage, which results in better fat burning, faster regeneration muscle and skin smoothing.
Procedure price:
62,01 €
Special massage Foot reflexology massage

Special massage Foot reflexology massage (25 minutes)

Sensitive areas on the feet may indicate problems associated with a specific organ in the body. By massaging them, we can reduce these problems. This massage focuses on the soles of the feet, which act as a reflective mirror reflecting the whole body including the organs. It consists of a set of special relaxation touches that aim to relax small joints, foot muscles and fibrous structures. To warm up the whole leg, we use the energetic force of touch, friction or strokin, thanks to which the whole area of the foot, including the arch, is perfused and the whole organism is reflectively stimulated.
Procedure price:
33,05 €

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