Wellness massages

Wellness massage Herbal birch leaves massage

Wellness massage Herbal birch leaves massage (50 minutes)

Herbal massage from birch leaves is a very gentle massage of the whole body which will give your skin freshness and a flexible and youthful appearance. Extracts from birch leaves have a toning and cleansing effect ad support the skin’s regenerative ability. Massage helps with pain, peeling in muscles and joins after exercise and physical exertion. It acts against inflammation, watery and rheumatism, accelerates the healing of wound and abrasions. It relieves pain, stress, tension, improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body. It has calming effect, improves mood and is also a great helper in spring fatigue.
Procedure price:
57,87 €
Wellness massage Thermo Massage

Wellness massage Thermo Massage (50 minutes)

During the massage, the body is preheated with a peat wrap. Massage is suitable for patients suffering the spine, back and neck pain; it helps the muscle and mental relaxation. This massage leads to loosening of tight muscles, improves blood flow of nutrients and oxygen to tissues and flushing away all the undesirable substances. Deeper massage strokes can remove the muscle lockups. The increased blood supply, have a positive effect on muscle recovery after stress and results in better muscle efficiency. Massage has an immediate impact not only on the physical, but mental status of patient as well.
Procedure price:
62,01 €
Wellness massage Hot stone massage

Wellness massage Hot stone massage (50 minutes)

Hot stone massage is very intense relaxing experience, during which the body gets rid of stress and tension. For massage we use volcanic stones heated in a water bath to a temperature of up to 60 C. Their main advantage is the ability to retain heat, which penetrates into the body during massage, warms it up and releases it. In addition, the hot stone massage perfuse and accelerates the metabolism, thus supporting the learning of accumulated waste products from the body by the lymphatic system.
Procedure price:
57,87 €

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