Wrap Ealing chalk and honey wrap from Slavkov Forest

Wrap Ealing chalk and honey wrap from Slavkov Forest (25 minutes)

It is a pleasant full body wrap from natural sources, which are located directly o the territory of Marienbad. The combination of Slavkov honey and healing chalk creates a pleasant aroma, hydrates and softens the skin. The wrap has a positive effect against many skin problems, supports he proper functioning of the metabolism, speeds up metabolism and antibacterial effects. We mic the healing chalk with hot water and honey, after reaching the ideal density, we apply it to the required areas on the body. After the wrap, it is necessary to take a shower.
Procedure price:
37,19 €
Wrap BIO detoxification full body wrap

Wrap BIO detoxification full body wrap (40 minutes)

It is a wrap made of clay and mustard and essential oil, which helps to cleanse and regenerate the body. The wrap has exceptional absorption and adsorption effects, thanks to which it allows to bind toxic substances and harmful microorganisms. It absorbs pathogenic germs, acts against inflammation., heals burns, relieves muscle tension and relieves pain. It is also effective in convalescing fractures or rheumatism. Among other things, it supplies the body with minerals and trace elements. After applying the wrap, we recommend undergoing a classic massage.
Procedure price:
41,32 €

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